roof replacement chicago

Roof over your head

Most of the people do not really think about the roof over their heads until it start to be a problem. Everyone want to have a pleasant shelter and this is facilitated by well maintained and repaired roofing. You need to be aware that your roof is not eternal. It can get damaged and you will have to change it. The broken roof can be a threat to you and your family so, when it is time to change it do not hesitate.

Signs that it is time to change your roof

You do not have to carry out any professional assessments to know when to replace your roof. There are a couple of simple signs that will help you determine if your roof needs replacement.


Although a leak could just be repaired without replacing an entire roof, by itself, it is a great sign that your roof is worn out. A leak should be taken care of as soon as it is noticed, since ignorance or leaving repair for a later date will just lead to more havoc.

Curling Shingles

Shingles should lie flat against the roof so, if you notice that your roof shingles have curled and bent upwards, and in some instances underneath themselves, know that your roofing needs attention

Growth of Algae

Algae grow rapidly and spread fast. If they are on your roof you should immiedately take care of it, in other case they will spread on all of your roof and the only option that will help will be replacing it.

Missing Granules

Missing granules are a sure sign that your roof is dramatically losing its weatherproofing properties. To see if you are missing granules, check your gutters for granule build up.

Missing Shingles

If they are missing shingle on your roof you might think that it is no problem to replace just one. You are wrong. You will never be able to match a color of new one with the old ones.