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Types Of Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing – all about it Nowadays, there are a ton of roofing types available for homeowners, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before you add roofing to your new home or change styles during a remodel, make sure you understand each type of roofing and what it means for your home. From cost to durability to energy efficiency, there’s a huge difference between each type of…

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Differences between commercial & residential roofing

Why commercial and residential roofing has different shape? People often assume that what you install over your head is one and the same whether you built a house or warehouse. Well, maybe for the exception of corrugated steel that is completely in place on commercial roof but is considered too ugly where residential buildings are concerned. To put it simply – both type of roofing aren’t equivalent to themselves and…

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When it’s time to change your roof?

Roof over your head Most of the people do not really think about the roof over their heads until it start to be a problem. Everyone want to have a pleasant shelter and this is facilitated by well maintained and repaired roofing. You need to be aware that your roof is not eternal. It can get damaged and you will have to change it. The broken roof can be a…

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